Old Man


Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Age : Old
Height: Used to be 5’11”, now slightly stooped and more like 5’8”
Weight: Thin
Eye Color: Brown. Like dirt.
Occupation: Perpetual Traveler
Physical Traits: Walks with limp. Yet surprisingly spry
Personal Traits: Big into action sports. Has a soft spot for young people. Likes to invent things. Independently wealthy.
Bonds: On a search for a fountain.
Flaws: Old. Doesn’t mince words. Opinionated. Forgetful.
Skills: Reads a lot. And knits.
Weaknesses: Likes to drink
Connection: Plays Backgammon with Shakma every Wed night
Connection: Keeps an eye on the young ‘uns. Yells at them to eat enough and go to bed on time.
NPC Connection: Doesn’t get along with Rotgut, as he is an ardent Bairnuk follower.



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