Drow Storm Sorcerer


Race: Drow (dark elf)
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 103 lbs
Eye Color: Pale blue
Occupation: None
Physical Traits: Silver-white hair, dark skin, slender, “stunted”
Personal Traits: Former urchin, anarchist, Has been betrayed by his family (perceived); therefore has trust issues
Bonds: “No (non-noble) should have to go through what I did as a child” (especially children) “Bluebloods should spend a day in the gutter, just so they know.”
Flaws: “Take care of yourself or suffer the consequences” “Life is tough”
Skills: Bluff (mimicry, theatrics, con), sleight of hand, acrobatics
Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, kleptomaniac, trying to cheat gamblers out of their money
Connection: Half-brother to Fenrin
Connection: The others helped “rescue” me from an angry noble from whom I was fleeing (At age 23).
NPC Connection: Has developed an enmity with Virash in that Draz considers him an aristocrat of sort and sort of acts out.


“You want to know who I am? Well that’s something of a sad tale I suppose. Sometime when I was an infant, about seven I think, I came across a large statue of some…thing. I didn’t know what it was, but it fascinated me so I explored it a bit. Found something there I guess, I honestly can’t remember what it was because I fainted. My mom found me a while later and took me home, but I remember she looked at me queerly.
I figure it was less than a year before I was driven away from my home by my own family. Couldn’t quite understand why, only knew they seemed angry and maybe even a touch scared. Well I found my way to a little town and fell in with a few kids who lived on the streets. They worked nights mostly, which suited me just fine. Now of all the bands of urchins that I met I was only accepted by one, kids almost as hated as myself who couldn’t afford to refuse a companion. See I was small, quick, and hard to see at night. What’s more I could see–and still can–better than any of them in the dark. I became the scout and lookout.
Well that continued for the better part of my life, but I guess I finally crossed the wrong man because before my 23rd birthday I was to be beheaded for crimes against the “governor”. All that man ever governed was a flock of ducks into his paunch face. Anyway, I escaped, leaving my childhood companions, which is probably a good thing, because not long after that I started to change. I thought I could hear voices when no one spoke, see shadows or masks hovering around various persons I met on my lonely travels. And I started to think a great deal about storms, so much so that I swear I think I knew them well enough to…I’m not convincing you anymore am I. Well everyone realizes eventually. Ha! If you’d believed much more I’d have tried to sell you a centaur’s jewel encrusted egg.

As the stranger picked up his pace, outstripping the short legged Drow, Draz laughed softly to himself. “No one believes it’s real for long,” he murmured to himself, “I wish I didn’t.” Then he pulled his broad hat down to shade him from the blinding sun.



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