Additional Details

Because of the presence or lack of certain things in the world of Diamova some classes may need to be adjusted. Others may be adjusted thematically.

For example the Paladin Divine Sense would likely be changed to detect elementals and areas of elemental empowerment.

These will be handled on an as needed basis with notes added here when needed.

Classes that you should talk with me about if you are interested in playing them.

Paladin – Small mechanics changes
Dragon Sorcerer

Wizards – At level 2 when you select an arcane tradition you gain Elemental Savant instead of the schools Savant feature. Select Fire, Wind, Earth, or Water. Spells associated with the chosen element are copied into your spell-book in half the time and cost half as much.

If you have any other concerns about how a class might interact with the world let me know.

Additional Details

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