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The Alliance itself has existed for over 550 years and is comprised of four nations, three human and one elven. Together the Alliance controls half the continent as well as the “Seven Isles” a chain of large islands that forms the northern edge of the Diamovan continent. The humans and elves have never fully integrated, but have moved closer to a more integrated government in recent years. Elves consider humans to be the less skilled and disciplined of the races but also recognize the proliferation of the humans would be dangerous to the Elven interests if a very lucrative alliance was not maintained. Similarly the humans have no interest is causing trouble with the elves since they have a strong trade interest with all regions and readily train the best military in the world. The elven and human armies were recently merged with additional regiments of dwarves and borek acting as “coalition supporters”.
The political government of the Alliance consists of 9 elven governors that collectively represent the “Seven Isles” and the mainland country. Each council member is a representative of an island or region in the elven lands and is also an expert in a facet of the government such as the military or economics. These councilors are reappointed every 9 years in a staggered manner. The human portion of the Alliance has a triumvirate of three kings (or queens) that each originally represented one of the original kingdoms. However the time has altered the responsibilities and each king is expected to work for the betterment of all members of the alliance. When a king dies the other two kings, with input from the elven council, must approve the succession of his heir. If the heir is not approved or if no heir is of age to take the throne then a new king and royal family is selected from the deceased kings councilors and advisers. The last two centuries have seen a proliferation of new religion and culture into the Alliance areas. The Alliance has also reclaimed control of some of the cities that it has once abandoned.

Significant cities (will be updated as needed)



The young country of Linari occupies a swath of northern land near the center of the continent. They have been quick to establish trade with the dwarves supplying pearls and regents from the Lowwe Wilds at cheaper prices than the Alliance. They also supply the Alliance with a variety of goods from the High Wilds and the northern seas.


Batmut is the city of the dwarves. All other places are merely settlements in their eyes. In typical dwarven fashion much of the city lies inside the mountain of Gezachte Krone. Batmut is a mixture of human, goliath and elven communities that live in and around the ancient dwarven city. After the ousting of the Stonegod clan from its seat of power three dwarves clans served as rulers in succession. The last one, the Rockhammer clan has worked with the city-state of Winrey over the last thirty years helping it rebuild the long abandoned shipping infrastructure. With these close ties developed Begazachte has had its first significant expansion in 300 years.

The “settlement” of Winrey has a large artificial lake and dockyards for shipping goods. An influx of halflings and gnomes have been hired by the dwarves to help maintain the waterways that the dwarves find so forgien.


The sprawling land of Galsconey is known for many things, chief among them is the passion for horses and wine. Horse racing is the national sport. The nobility sinks thousands of gold into the sponsorship of this sport while the commoners passionately cheer for their favored teams. The noble that sponsors the winning team is most likely to get their ideas fulfilled in the tangled game of Galsconey politics. The other thing that Galsconey is well known for is the wines. Wines for every palate and every dish. The most famous wine is of course the green gooseberry wine, fermented from the large fruits that grow only on the island of Gammeterria.

Gammeterria is also the nation’s chief source of lumber, a material that is sadly lacking in quantity. The cost of wood reaches such heights that ships reaching a few score years of service are considered new and carpentry is a profession that caters to the nobility. The value of wood is so high that the Emperor’s throne is a simply decorated seat made from cedar and cypress.

The emperor of Galsconey wields a great deal of power but must also navigate the swirling field of politics. Assassinations, scandals, bribes, plots, and other sinister deeds are commonplace among the nobility, and many speculate that Galsconeys worst enemy is itself. Twice now war with other nations has been defeated, in part because the nobles in charge of the war did not avoid bickering long enough to defeat the common foe. Additionally the lack of concerted effort has resulted in centuries of fighting with the centaur that crowd the northern borders.

Kryphos KryphosSymbol.png

As the Alliance sought to reclaim its lands a few of the city states resisted coming back under the Alliance protection and taxes. Kryphos and Aterra made an alliance with each other and formed a small country, seeking a peace accord with the Alliance. In exchange for a tribute in the form of horses and the promise of troops should the need arise the Alliance let the new country in peace. The new country of Kryphos is a land known for olives and warhorses.

The Unaligned

Small countries or city states that are not aligned with any of the larger nations.


A haven for outlaws and other undesirables. Mercenaries primarily affiliated with Galsconey can often be found here. It is also a setting out point for Galsconite merchants that wish to trade with the orcs, dwarves or borek.


Originally inhabited by an undeveloped tribal society, the population of Nemar has changed rapidly with the influx of people from diverse backgrounds. Remaining heavily influenced by its tanned tribal roots, the inundation of Galsconites and Alliance have melded to create a diverse cultural milieu. A current native of Nemar is almost always a descendant of a native tribe but will more often than not have a bit of “lander” (early generation foreign immigrants) or acquired blood, if not gallons of it.

Nemarians benefit from a very active lifestyle of fishing or “acquiring” further resources from passing ships. Throughout the many past generations it became common practice for captains when finding a beautiful woman on-board a vessel to take her as their newest bride. Over time, this has led to the people of Nemar to often be found very attractive to travelers or when traveling themselves throughout Diamova.


A small island that a conglomeration of merchants established to avoid the trade embargo between the Alliance and Galsconey. By working as a middle-man establishment Bantra has grown quite large. The more relaxed peace of the current day means that the Alliance does not object to this trade that is happening so close to their waters. After all, for the right price it not like its really harming anyone right?


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