3rd Year of the New Calendar – Humans land on Diamova, within a generation they decide to go to war with the Boreks and almost completely wipe them out. Elves protect their territories with vehemence but do not take sides in the war.

107 – The nation of Galscony is founded on Gammeteria. The elves go to war with each other. This period of devastation and bloodshed became known as the Unification War.

124 – Garen Hawkstrike succeeds in unifying the elves and banishing the last traces of the worst magic ever created.

156 – The Borek name has been almost completely forgotten. Human nations have broken, shattered, been rebuilt, and died. Human expansion in the Northwest makes (second) contact with the Elves. Dwarves settle in Behgezacthe.

198 – Galscony makes it first colonies on the mainland of Diamova. The Elves and Dwarves make peace over the mining of Behgezachte. An agreement to build Istutio Madelterr is included.

246 – The nations comprising the Alliance unify.

522 – Galscony and the Alliance borders expand toward Behgezacthe.

542 – Bairnuk is born

559 – Galscony attempts to annex Behgezachte. War begins

560 – Vesh is born

561 – Bairnuk leaves Behgezacthe

562 – The War peaks. The battle of the Maw and the Isolation of Berwer occur.

567 – Trake is born.

569 – A nominal peace agreement is reached between the Alliance and Galscony. Both sides ignore it, and continue to wage deniable action against each other.

582 – The war resumes in earnest when Galscony attempts to cross the Heath and seize the mouth of the Fiulung river.

584 – The Zalt campaign and the Battle of Zugabar mark the last conflict of the war. A formal peace is reached.

585 – As both sides seek to recover from the war the large armies are cut back. Cities on the edge of both nations, sick of war and taxes, break away from their parent nations.

589 – Trakes girlfriend is sent to Istutio Madelterr. She is reported dead 8 months later. The original Ox Eyes band is decimated in a surprise attack.

595 – Vesh is dismissed from the military. The Deaths Head Cult emerges.
(Beginning of Elements of Chaos)

July, 597 – Erathik is attacked. Party infiltrates and liberates the castle.

August, 597 – Accept jobs from Alliance military, travel north

September, 597 – Travel to Batmut – Met Wiver and saw Virashka from a distance.

December, 597 – Party arrives in Milvania, tracks goblins to their lair and kills Kionna

February, 598 – Construction of the Spectral Bear starts

April, 598 – The Plane of water is broken and the guardian killed. A week later it is reformed. Bairnuk ascends as Guardian of Water

May, 598 – Party Arrives at Velta

June, 598 – Rodem transforms in front of Party. Party arrives at Spectral Bear

July, 598 – Party Arrives at Istutio Vimota and enters the Lowwe Wilds.

September, 598 – Party emerges from the Lowwe Wilds and kills the leaders of the Death’s Head Cult

December, 598 – The party heads into Pafue and finds the Borek.
(End of Elements of Chaos

March, 598 – Formal peace treaties between the Borek, The Alliance and Begezachte are signed. The new nation of Tinari under the leadership of Kalak is officially recognized.

617 – The forgotten war occurs.

623 – The Via Var Vel is destroyed.

643 – Kalak announces the plan to fund 2 and a half new universities. One of these is a replacement for Istutio Madelterr. The other two will represent new ideas and history.

649 – Kalak dies.

653 – The new Istutio Madelterr is finished.

767 – Begezachte peacefully annexes Winrey

April, 798 – 200th celebration of the Ascension of Bairnuk


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