House Rules


In the Google folder is a spreadsheet that you can use to create a custom weapon. There are also listings for all the traditional weapons. Some of these weapons have values that are different from what the handbook lists. All weapons that you create are subject to final DM approval. Below are some guidelines if you want to create your own weapons.

Rule 1 – Rule of One-Handed weapons: One handed weapons cannot exceed 1d8, or 1d6 for simple, unless they have the double drawback.

Rule 2 – Rule of Two Dice: Two handed weapons that are 1d12 may be 2d6 instead (optional), but cannot exceed 2d6. Likewise, martial weapons that are 1d8 may become 2d4.


Going to try these items out.
Buckler Shield – +1 AC May use as a Light 1d4 Bludgeoning Damage weapon

Tower Shield – +5 AC Heavy – Strength Requirement of 18 or your speed is reduced by 10 feet. You can only use Light weapons when this shield is equipped.

New Weapon Traits:

Reach 2: This weapon will reach out to 15 feet. (3 squares)

Unwieldy: Attacks made with this weapon against targets adjacent to you are made at disadvantage.

Feel free to suggest your own.

New Feats

(Completely Reworking Based on the UA Feats)
Exotic Weapon Master (Rogue)
You are quite skilled at learning new weapons. Even if you are not skilled with a weapon you know some skills to get maximum use out of the strangest of devices.

  • When using a weapon that you are not proficient in you may add half your proficiency bonus (rounded down) to the attack roll.
  • When learning new weapons you learn them in half the normal time.
  • When attacking with a weapon that you are proficient in but does not allow sneak attack.
  • When attacking with advantage if both rolls would result in a hit you may add your sneak attack damage to the attack damage.
  • When attacking with disadvantage and miss if the higher roll would cause a hit you may deal 1d6 damage to the target.

Earth Render
You are skilled in the use of two-handed bludgeoning weapons. When using a Greatclub, Maul or other two-handed bludgeoning weapon you gain the following benefits.

  • When attacking with advantage if both rolls would hit the target the target is knocked prone.
  • When attacking with disadvantage and miss if the higher roll would hit the target the target is shoved 5 feet.

Fate Points

There will be no Inspiration Dice in the game. At the end of every session each player (including the DM) will award a Fate Point to a player that they think deserves it (let everyone know why as well). These Fate Points may be spent in later sessions to attempt to do things that are normally un-doable.

Attempt a ridiculous stunt.
Jump initiative order.
Seek a hint from the DM.
Have retroactively prepared something in advance.

Use your imagination!

Other Stuff

Two-Weapon Fighting
The below text replaces the rules for Two Weapon Fighting as found in the PHB.

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, you can attack with a different light melee weapon that you’re holding in the other hand against the same target. You do not roll an additional attack or use a bonus action. Simply add the second weapon dice to the first attack. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack, unless that modifier is negative.

If you are attacking two targets or making a thrown attack then refer to the PHB rules. (Use a bonus action to attack and make separate rolls)

Speeding up the game

To facilitate speed and RP of the game I will, if the player is prepared for their action or RP’s their action well, grant a small bonus to the attack or damage. I will never tell the players when I have done this.

House Rules

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