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Along the northwestern edge of the Diamova continent is the home of the nomadic tribes of orcs and centaur that are locked in their centuries old conflict. The land itself is rocky and desolate. Sandstone cliffs and rocky ground are the most prominent features. Along the western edge of the north-lands begins the human kingdom of Galscony. This far north the country’s presence is minimal, mostly concerned with maintaining some kind of border against orc or centaur aggression. Human incursions into the north are rarely heard from again. On the far western coast is the country proper of Galscony.
Galscony occupies a quarter of the continent and is very similar across its breadth and width. It is a country of gentle hills and fertile ground. The Galsconites are known for the crops that they produce, particularly the wine, and for being excellent horsemen. The kingdom of Galscony also occupies the only significant island on the western side of Diamova. It is here that most of the limited wood supply of Galscon is carefully tended. To the east and north Galscon presence slowly decreases. There is very little of a set border, colonists and farmers in search of more land regularly push into the frontier country and just as regularly the Galscony Army expands the roads and its own presence.
Approximately midway across the continent of Diamova the less fertile plains, known as the Heath, discourage expansion. Across from these plains is the collection of countries collectively known as the Alliance. The political situation between Galscony and the Alliance has slowly warmed since the war that occurred 250 years ago. Trade has started between the two countries, though this is usually through proxies. The Alliance itself has existed for over 300 years and is comprised of four nations, three human and one elven. Together the Alliance controls half the continent as well as the “Seven Isles” a chain of large islands that forms the northeastern edge of the Diamovan continent. In the northern center of Diamova lies the region known to all races as “The Wilds”. This is split into two regions known as the High Wilds and the Lowwe Wilds. The Lowwe Wilds lies enclosed on most sides by steep mountains. The explorers of this land report extreme natural resources and a temperate jungle that fills much of the area. Attempts to colonize this land rarely succeed and only a few small villages exist along the edges. In the wilder center reports of fantastic beasts and monsters are commonplace but few confirmations exist.

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