Sons of Thunder

Symbol: Two horizontal lightning bolts. One over the other.

An elite group of soldiers and magicians, each sworn to and blessed by the Air Elemental Bedagi. This group has existed for over two hundred years. Originally founded by the mage Zeb Turander and dwarf siblings Donner and Tuon Skarnforge.

Ox Eyes

Symbol: A stylized skull and eye with a sword.

About a century ago the Ox Eyes surpassed the Red Hands as the largest mercenary group in Diamova. Ever since the forgotten war (617) the Ox Eyes have been considered by many to be the best group of soldiers in the world, equaled only by the Sons of Thunder or the Alliance Special Forces. While this may be true it is a recognized fact that the biggest weakness of the Ox Eyes is the distrust of magic prevalent in the ranks. Magic users are rare in the Ox Eyes and often complain about not being used to their full potential.

Red Hands

Symbol: Multiple – A red hand or hands.

The Red Hands were once the biggest mercenary group in Diamova, however it was rarely fielded as a military force and instead was comprised of hundreds of bounty hunter groups. The more settled nature of Diamova and several internal squabbles ended the existence of this group thirty years ago.. However the term Red Hand still exists as a synonym for bounty hunter.

Golden Owl

Symbol: A golden owl perching.

The Golden Owl is an unusual group. Quietly acknowledged by the Alliance leaders it exists in a strange state of vigilante and state security group. It is known to target corruption, cults and other threats to the security of the Alliance while somehow never seeming to become corrupt or dangerous itself. Its leaders and secrets are unknown but many posit that it was born out of the group known as the Golden Claws two centuries ago.

The Black Hands

Symbol: Four fingerprints and a thumbprint.

Before the war the Black hands and the Red Hands were one guild. The war caused a schism in the guild structure and units fought for both sides. The Black Hands were and continue to be premier assassians, often employed by Galscony nobles against other houses. Also used during the war to destabilize Alliance units.

The Pathfinders AKA The Explorers Guild

Symbol: A triangle with a simple compass inscribed inside it.

A group that highers its services as guards and guides and trailblazers to merchants. It operates primarily in the Wilds but can also be found in the Heath and running ships around the continent. The only guild that has chapter houses across Diamova.

The Finest

Symbol: An olive branch and spear crossed.

A group that has operated out of Kryphos for centuries. They are currently employed as the army of the new nation of Kryphos.


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