In the time before history the elementals made a pact that would allow all the planes (Life, Fire, Water, Earth, Air) to exchange power with each other in a non-threatening way. To ensure that the pact was kept guardians were appointed that would ensure that those seeking power from the other planes would not take to much and would not threaten the other planes. During the events of Elements of Chaos the Deaths Head cult learned how to threaten and kill the elementals, preparing a way for them to seize horrific amounts of power. Fortunately these plans were thwarted but not before several elemental guardians were killed.

In addition to the elements many dwarves worship the founders of their clans.

Clerics, Paladins and some Warlocks work through the Elemental Guardians instead of directly accessing the plane themselves. This is a path of personality and appeal for power rather than a study of the rules that make up the planes.

Much of this information is incomplete since I want you, the players, to feel that this is something that you can help build through your characters and interactions with the world. As information is developed it will be added here and become canon.

Cleric and Paladin suggestions are made in italics.

Once a dwarf enamored with the elements, Bairnuk sacrificed himself to become the elemental guardian of water. The first water temple was built just outside the inn known as the Spectral Bear. Over time the concept of the temple and the inn merged. Now there is a widespread chain of Spectral temples across the Alliance.

Nature, Devotion, Trickery

The counterpoint to Inristus was killed as the precursor to the battle of the Maw. Since all mages that participated in the attack died it is suspected that they did not know what they were doing. The primary fire temple is near and over the Maw.

Inristus is considered a voice of adaptability, passion, and violence

Light, War, Vengeance

The primary temple of earth is located inside Istutio Madelterr. There is also another one outside Alliance territory in the High Wilds founded by Dhara. Both temples observe both guardians equally.
While mind-controlled by the Deaths Head cultist Slayne, Vianna was forced to kill the elemental guardians of earth. Rather than let Slaynes plan succeed Vianna gave up her body and became a guardian of earth.

Knowledge, Nature, Devotion

While mind-controlled by the Deaths Head cultist Slayne, Carak was forced to kill the elemental guardians of earth. Rather than let Slaynes plan succeed Carak gave up his body and became a guardian of earth.

Life, Ancients, War


Makini was the key target in a plot by the cultist Kionna. A party of adventurers suceeded in thwarting her plans. There is now a temple to Makani that exists in the mountain that the original plot took place. A tribe of goblins paid for and maintains the temple.

Northern wind blow cruel blow cold
Sheathe my aching heart in ice
Armor round my soul enfold
May I need not call you twice
To my foes bring cold of death
Chill me north winds frozen breath

Devotion, Nature, Trickery

- Temple location, Drievoud
Southern wind blow hot blow hard
Fan my courage to a flame
Southern wind be guide and guard
Add your bravery to my name
Let my will and yours be twinned
Warrior of the southern wind

Vengeance, Tempest, War

-Temple locations, Pusono and Cidana
Eastern wind blow clear blow clean
Cleanse my body of it’s pain
Cleanse my mind of what I’ve seen
Cleanse my honor of it’s stain
Wind whose love has never ceased
Bring me healing from the east

Knowledge, Ancients, Light

The elemental Bedagi was “discovered” by Zeb Turander over two hundred years ago. The mercenary group was founded as a protection around Bedagi, in return he blessed the group.
- Temple location Dymme
Western wind blow stark blow strong
Grant me arm and mind of steel
On a road both hard and long
No lightning nor thunder do I feel
Let no weakness on my quest
Hinder me wind of the west

Tempest, War, Devotion


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