The Universities are the repositories of the (mostly) arcane knowledge of Diamova. Each university has a kind of gem. These gems are mounted in rings and given to university graduates.

Ley Lines
Ley Lines are the connections between primal magic of the same elements. Every powerful place of magic is connected to another powerful place. The connections between the two places are like a river, seeking the easiest place to flow. A earthen ley line will tend to flow along mountains, a water ley line will follow rivers or ocean currents. Where each ley line ends (and is accessible) is called a node.
Some nodes are not accessible to people, because they lie at the bottom of the ocean or deep underground. These are referred to as null nodes. Nodes that can be accessed might be referred to as ‘fluence’ nodes. Some points of the world feature two or more nodes that are close enough both be accessed at once. Depending on the elements this can allow powerful magic to be unleashed. These are referred to as confluence nodes. Nodes allow access to the elemental planes.

Istutio Madelterr – Earth – Citrine

The original earth university was destroyed in an earthquake two hundred years ago. The ley line has ‘migrated’ to the High Wilds. A new university was funded by the Borek and built in Erathik. The famous wizard Trake is responsible for much of the universities design, intended to thwart saboteurs. Gleena Komabrew was appointed the first magister of the new Istutio Madelterr.

Istutio Fiatilla – Fire – Near Lipossa – Ruby

Istutio Ludon – Wind – the island of Maffiisola (Ley Line Location) – Diamond

Used by the elves to control the weather along the Ichan Isles

Istutio Neghia – Water – an island in the Mene Ichan (Ley Line Location) – Sapphire

Istutio Vimota – Life – Central Elven City – Emerald

Near the Lowwe Wilds, suffers from magical leakage. The initiates of Vimota all undergo a physiological change that strengthens their magic and will often change their appearance. To a lesser extent anyone or anything that lives near Vimota can be affected. Young initiates and the children of Vimota magi form a patrol (Mavit Rangers) around the university to identify and neutralize magically affected creatures.
Whereas the elemental planes (Earth, Fire Water, Air) exist and all have magic that can be drawn from them the whole of Diamova is the plane of Life. Some theories postulate that the Lowwe Wilds is a particularly strong source of life magic due to a weakness between this calm and the Life Guardian realm.

The Spiral Tower – Velta – Pearl

Visitors to the town of Velta will quickly spot the Spiral tower, even from miles away. This uniquely shaped building features 43 stories, each one on a perpetual upward slope. Inside these unique walls is the first and only joint human-elven college. While many humans had been accepted into the esteemed elven magic colleges, it was a point of contention that the human members of the Alliance did not have a college to call theirs. Thus was born the Spiral tower, built on the border of the Alliance and Elven country this university has the largest library known to exist and boast hundreds of students. Unlike other colleges like Istutio Madelterr, the Spiral Tower has never developed a specialty of teaching unless it is the sheer amount of students that it houses and educates within its towering walls.

Istutio Conoscena – Quari – Hibonite

The University of Learning, founded to promote the study of new ideas. In draconic Conoscena sounds like “peaceful”, a desired outcome of this learning.

Istutio Oltrestor – Quari – Serendbite

The University of Histoy was founded to promote the remembrance of the past. In draconic Oltre sounds like “unity”, a desired outcome of this learning. Conoscena and Oltrestor are built side by side using a mixture of dwarves, elven and human architecture. Draconic runes and Borek sculptures cover the outsides. From a distance the two buildings look like an open book.


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