Experience of a Lifetime

Session 38 - September 799

Well our avoidance lasted all of what seemed five heartbeats before we were right back in the trap. Two massive ships were sweeping up the riverbanks. The gray of pre-dawn was beginning to give way to a gentle light. No where to hide.
We decided to go right for one of them, hoping to squeeze past and speed downriver before they could turn. At the last moment we got the warning, something between the ships! Virash must have slipped and fallen on the tiller, because we cut sharp and almost avoided them, but unfairly their floating isle rammed itself betwixt us and the shore, the chain connecting to the two ships cutting off our escape, but not before we gave ’em a broadside of their own thunder-pipes!

One of those cocky Makla sorts called out for a couple of cretins with strange face fetishes to board us and “have fun”. Probably not a good sign. Of course, we weren’t going to stand there and take it. Lady Mae transformed into a creature of much greater loveliness than her usual unnatural self, and of frightful strength. Grumpy also morphed, and the fighting was begun.

The Makla smoked us out with some kind of swinging pot—I think it did something to the urchin cause he was more useless than usual. It was hard to catch everything that went on, but I know that at some point Mae, Chay, and one of the boarders fell or were cast overboard. Then we were sending an answering boarding party! The pirate, the cap’n, and the thief got over to their deck and set to work…doing…something.

Next thing I know Chay, Fenrin, and Kaia are back but Virash stayed a moment to rip the massive winch off the deck and drop it in the river! I’m not sure I’ve ever been more terrified—and think of the other tales I’ve told you!

We got moving then, pulling away from the enemy ship. I think it was that overly zealous, talking beard that somehow managed to snag ol’ Virash with a rope and haul him after us and aboard. Of course, he ranted for the next hour about how it was the “Great White Shark” or whatever it is he calls his imaginary friend.

Now, I think—desperately hope!—we’ll have smooth sailing for a bit. At least the last day or two has been nice, nothing more exciting than picking up some peddler with a few baubles for sale. After procuring a few things (legally or otherwise) we continued on, though, since we no longer have wares to give the alliance—their camp being obliterated and all—one might ask what’s our motive now? But maybe it was good for us to be aimless for a little while, I feel that we’ve been so frantic lately that we didn’t have time to really absorb our experiences as we should. After all, it is the experience of life that helps us grow, right? The adversity that makes us stronger?

I certainly hope that’s true, because I have the sinking feeling we’ll need all the strength we can dredge up in the days to come.



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