Got Nothing

Session 40 - October 799

Following our nice jaunt into Erathik, it didn’t take long to find our way to troublemakers of one sort or another. In this case, at least, the folks seemed to be makers of our kind of trouble. The incongruously named Gilded Rose—well it’s cellar at least—served as a quite passable refuge for the night, but with our luck you must know that couldn’t last long.


Early the next morning most of us were woken by the sound of and smell—well only some of us noticed the scent I suppose—of an empire soldier tumbling down the stairs. Kaia soon dealt with that little problem, and with the second wrestling with our hostess at the top of the stairs, who rather too calmly offered us breakfast before bidding us to take the bodies and leave.

Now we have one or two members of our party with a straight-thinking head firmly planted on their necks, but it took us an unacceptable amount of time to decide what to do with those two corpses. I, of course, came up with a number of feasible plans at once, but we finally went with J’s idea to put them in the potato sacks. That was plan three on my list; not bad for a two-footed whelp.

Our stroll to drop the bodies off the wharf was remarkably unremarkable and soon after we determined we should try to seek out ol’ Wal Wal. Actually arriving we didn’t find much of use. I mean, someone seemed to be living there—messily—but no saying it was him. Our infamous illiterate did his best to leave a number of not so subtle clues about for the man to find. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. Something of more interest—to me at least—happened on the way to the erstwhile abode of our friend. TheDry-Addle Brained Missy seemed to take a bit of a shock upon sight of the old temple, which could use a good whitewashing incidentally. Stood stock still mumbling something like “That witch’s never-sad husband stuttered” which is undoubtedly of great importance. I’m devoting most of my considerable mental faculties to unwinding this puzzle.

With no better recourse we decided to head for the Tipsy Stone because, as you must have learned by now, whenever we don’t have a better idea we go to the local watering hole. This led us to a string of blunders—all caused by trying to avoid an empire checkpoint (understandably)—starting with the scrawny lad’s inability to climb hand over hand and culminated by the loud-mouthed rebel’s inability to keep a civil tongue in his head or follow his big brother’s example and bluff his way past the guards we bumped into.

Thankfully the fight was really more of a scrap followed by a flight. Sure was lucky those stray dogs showed up. I never much cared for mongrels like that in Tych, but I’ll think better of their kind hereafter. A little better at least, promise.

Leaving a few bodies—empire—in our wake, we managed to make it to the Old Windmill, one of the J’s hideouts from back in the…year has it been?

We realized that we’d made it past the checkpoint after all, so, after a little disguise work, Kaia, Fenrin, Draz and I slipped off to the Stone after all.
We nosed about for a while, Kaia did some jaw flapping to pick up some information, Draz liberated a few purse-indentured items to do the same, but it was Fenrin that really did something of worth. He slipped into the kitchens shortly after me—what, you think I’m stupid? I know best room in an inn—and spoke to the barkeep, Calbur, beyond the eyes and ears of the empire in the common room. Between his conversation with the ol’ fellow and the subsequent one we had with his granddaughter thanks to Fen securing us a room and an alliance of sorts, we learned about empire currency, a bit about their identification system, and gleaned hints regarding what happened to the temple.

Hopefully we learn more soon. I want to see how that witch and her optimistic spouse fit in with the other strands of this web.


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